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Serena Features

The perfect solution for businesses seeking to streamline their operations, improve customer experiences, and stay ahead of the competition. Its cutting-edge technology, sleek design, and nonthreatening behavior make it a valuable asset in any retail environment.


Serena transports wheeled trolleys that can be adapted to the store's needs.

Plug & Play

Easy integration, with little to no modification of the existing store infrastructure.

Product Mapping

A map of the store is created and with the store manager we evaluate and define pick-up and drop-off locations for different workflows.


Designed specifically for the retail industry, our robot is strong, human-friendly, and interactive.

Assured User Experience

Our easy-to-use Frida app allows simple interaction with the user. Assured user experience for all store staff.

250kg Payload

Ideal for transporting products in the store day and night, drastically reducing the time required for such tasks.

Retail focused design

Unprecedented safety

Adaptable to needs of the store

Plug & Play

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Product mapping feature

Strong, interactive, human-friendly

Assured user experience

Transportation capacity up to 250kg


In-Store Transportation


Click & Collect

Automation of the transportation of store's online order fulfilment trolleys.



Automation of the transportation of stock from pallets.


Other Needs

Automation of the transportation processes are adaptable to the store's needs.

Serena benefits

Click & Collect, Restocking

Our fleet of robots will carry the prepared trolleys to the designated areas and back to the storage area.

Click & Collect

Savings/ C&C trip
0 + mins.
Avg. trips/week


0 mins.
Avg. pallets/week
our fully integrated transport automation system

The Rosa Retail Nucleus

Mapping & System Setup
A map of the store is created and then with the help of the store manager we evaluate and define pick-up and drop-off locations for the different workflows.
Mapping & System setup
User interaction with mobile robot
User Interaction
Our Frida App has been designed and developed with simplicity in mind, with minimal interaction from the user. Use the app to tell our system; whether a trolley is full or empty; where it is located and what product is on it.
User interaction
Automated Transportation
Our system is optimised for the transportation of trolleys from one location to another, in highly dynamic environments such as supermarkets, during opening hours.
Automated transportation
Trolley adaptability
Trolley Adaptability
The trolleys used for the transportation of goods within the store, can be adapted to the needs of the store. Our current focus is on Restocking and Click & Collect.
Trolley adaptability
Charging & System Monitoring
Our R2N control system monitors the battery level of our robots, among other system health variables, and sends them to charge when required or sends a report of issues.
Charging & System monitoring
integration of our system

Store Specific Processes

one: store evaluation

Store Evaluation

To find an optimal solution we need to understand:

– The throughput of products within the store

– Processes

– Internal dynamics

Our UX expert will evaluate the store then write a report with recommendations for automation and best practice for high ROI.


two: risk assessment

Risk Assessment

Our risk assessment experts will evaluate the store from an operational and safety standpoint. A report is provided for safe integration of a fleet of mobile robots in the store.

Some areas we look at are:

– Busy zones

– Different types of doors

– Security

three: full system integration

Full System Integration

At this stage we will have a deep understanding of the store process, and a detailed plan of how many robots the store needs, and how to smoothly integrate into the pre-existing store workflows.


Value Proposition

Coalescent Mobile Robotics helps increase productivity by reducing workload, through the use of mobile robots to automate the transportation of goods within the store, and offers greater overview of product life in the store, through product location tracking and data analysis.

The retail industry has been changing at such a fast pace, that it has created this sense of urgency to find technologies that will help them gain market share and adapt to the needs of the new workforce who want jobs that are:

      – More fulfilling.
      – Less physically demanding.

Legacy Grocers have a very large property portfolio, and technologies introduced to this industry needs to help them stay ahead while making more use out of this property portfolio. ​

As a company we know that our success is in response to the success of our customers and partners, and so we work together to highlight key performance indicators that can be measured by all. This helps keep the focus on addressing what is really needed to move forward.

While significant savings can be calculated through the time saved in transportation:
5+mins /online fulfilment trip.
15 mins /pallet.
Other values we provide:
– Better working standards.
– Less employee onboarding.
– Map with product placement.
– Greater customer shopping experience.
– Possibility for upskilling employees.
– Forward thinking image and store identity.​

why choose us?



Increased Efficiency

Automation introduces structure, which in turn makes all processes more efficient.


Healthier Working ​Environment​

Robots are built for repetitive, laborious, and physically straining tasks to improve working standards.​



Automation reduces costs associated with Transportation.


Adaptable to Physical Retail

Technology taking advantage of large property portfolios.

better shopping experience

Better Shopping Experience

Staff can spend more time attending to customer needs, and ensuring a well-stocked store, leading to better consumers' shopping experience.​

Collaborate with our fleet of mobile robots.

Get your store evaluated and find the plan for an optimal solution.

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