Coalescent Mobile Robotics
Grocery Retail

Solution Use Cases

Maximize your store’s potential with autonomous mobile robots. By letting our fleet of robots move goods inside your store, we strive at creating a better environment for the floor staff while increasing efficiency and productivity.



The robots can transport your trolleys with the goods for restocking in a fast and safe manner. The store's associates focus on the restocking part itself and let our robots handle the transportation, this allows to free up their time to focus on other tasks. Our mobile robots are easy to use, reliable, and cost-effective and they can adapt to different trolley designs and sizes.

Order Fulfilment

Mobile robots can be used to transport picking trolleys from and to the back storage of the store, allowing pickers to fully focus on filling orders and removing the downtime in between orders. With this use case, you can improve the profitability of the multichannel orders while continue serving your customers.

Find Your Own Use Case

We believe that you know your business best. That’s why we give you the freedom to make your own trolley that suits your specific use case. Whatever your transportation needs is, we can help you design your own trolley that has a minimum height of 380mm and our robot will handle the rest. We also want to work with you to find the optimal mobile robotics solution for your retail environment.

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