Coalescent Mobile Robotics

The simple task of moving groceries from a storeroom to a supermarket shelf can keep workers busy for millions of hours every year, and cost millions to supermarkets. Searching for a way to keep that cost down, and to free up time for supermarkets to concentrate on current trends in consumerism, our company has developed an autonomous mobile robot, which brings product to a specific aisle, release its load and then returns to the storeroom. Coalescent Mobile Robotics solution, gives time back to supermarkets to create growth.


Our human-friendly Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) “CMR-Serena” is capable of navigating dynamic environments without the need for physical guidance. By cooperating and working alongside people it can help you manage the entire logistics chain more quickly, efficiently, and accurately increase the efficiency with supermarket operations

Meet the Team

Clionadh Martin

CEO & Founder

Moira Mastrone

CXO & Co-Founder

Niels Jul Jacobsen