Coalescent Mobile Robotics

Our Robot Control Software, Frida

Low integration, adaptable, real-time monitoring
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Intuitive & easy to use App

Fleet health monitoring

Store & operational statistics

integrate wth your operational systems

The Core of Our Solution

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Tasks are automated and scheduled, workflows optimised and robots health and statistics tracked to increase efficiency and costs. Through streamlined processes, and optimised delivery & movement of products around the store, clutter is reduced in the store and staff are allowed to concentrate on customer service, which improves the customer shopping experience. More structured workflows, time scheduled tasks, reduced physically intensive tasks reduces stress and increases moral of employees, allowing for a more productive workforce.

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Our Other Products

Fully Integrated Solution

Our robotic solution consists of 3 key elements. Our mobile robots, our robot fleet management system, and trolleys customized for our robots

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Our mobile robot that can do the actual transportation of trolleys between different locations in the store

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Customized for our robot – Serena for pairing and transportation of goods.

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