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Our Mobile Robot,

Powerful, secure, and safe around people
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Our Mobile Robot, Serena

Powerful, secure, and safe around people.

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Serena Features

The perfect solution for businesses seeking to
streamline their operations, improve customer experiences, and stay ahead of the competition. Its cutting-edge technology, sleek design, and nonthreatening behavior make it a valuable asset in any retail environment


Serena transports wheeled trolleys that can be adapted to the store's needs.

Plug & Play

Easy to setup and connect, with no modification to the existing store infrastructure


Designed specifically for the retail industry, our robot is strong, human-friendly, and interactive.

Assured User Experience

Our easy-to-use Frida app allows simple interaction with the user. Assured user experience for all store staff.

Our Other Products

Fully Integrated Solution

Our robotic solution consists of 3 key elements. Our mobile robots, our robot fleet management system, and trolleys customized for our robots

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Our robot fleet management system. It contains a backend system and a front end app for store staff.

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Customized for our robot – Serena for pairing and transportation of goods.

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