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Underway to Transform the Retail Industry, Coalescent Mobile Robotics Secures 11M DKK

Coalescent Mobile Robotics Closes Seed Investment Round and Acquires a Powerful Board of Robotics Veterans

- Dawon park-

amr in retail
amr in retail

Odense, DK: Coalescent Mobile Robotics is glad to announce that the company has just closed a seed investment round. The investors, Vækstfonden, PreSeed Ventures, Niels Jul
Jacobsen, Enrico Krog Iversen, and others, include well-known veterans from the
collaborative robotics industry.

“I’ve been following CM from the start, as I share their vision on deploying mobile robots in
the retail industry. And it’s great to see this now coming true”, says Niels Jul Jacobsen,
founder of Mobile Industrial Robots & current CEO of Capra Robotics.

“The world is changing at a fast pace, and the retail industry is now facing worrying levels of
labour shortages, robots are here to be used as tools to help both employers and
employees. Coalescent has chosen to help a market in need”, says Enrico Krog Iversen, exCEO of Universal Robots & current CEO of OnRobot.

Coalescent Mobile Robotics is a company developing mobile robots for the retail industry. It
is working towards the installation of a fleet of 10 mobile robots in one of the supermarkets in
Odense, Denmark. The company has secured its first investment, consisting of DKK 11M
(EUR 1.5M) which will help scale this already rapidly growing team, and grow the company
to be ready to expand internationally.

The company is a member of Denmark’s national robot and drone cluster, Odense Robotics,
in one of the world’s leading robotics cities. Being part of this ecosystem, where companies
collaborate more than they compete, Coalescent has been able to grow to 12 employees,
with more currently being recruited. This pay-it-forward mindset and the close-knit
community has allowed the company to bring two of the world’s leading robotics brains,
Niels Jul Jacobsen and Enrico Krog Iverson, who both joined the board of directors together
with Ulrik Jørring, ex-deputy Chairperson of Universal Robots & current Chairperson of

With a strong, qualified team, the company plans an expansion into Europe in 2022 and will
be looking into closing a Series A investment round at the end of 2022.


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