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Coalescent Mobile Robotics Now Officially Part of Odense Robotics Cluster

- Dawon park -

Odense Robotics member certification
Odense Robotics member certification

The city of Odense being ranked “Best Danish city for startups” (Dansk Erhvervsfremme 2015), you will be able to notice a flourishing business environment for industries. Amongst various industries, robotics is well known to have a thriving ecosystem.  

Denmark’s national robot and drone cluster, Odense Robotics, being one of the leading robotic startup incubators in Europe, “offers services designed to help robotics, automation and drone companies develop new technologies and build a stronger foundation for growth” (Odense Robotics). With new companies joining every month, it now has more than 160 members covering Denmark’s entire robotics, automation and drone ecosystem.  

Coalescent Mobile Robotics has now officially become a member of Odense Robotics. We are delighted to take part in sharing our knowledge, meeting peers, creating new opportunities for the community to grow, and learning from other business professionals.

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