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Odense Investor Summit 2019

Odense Investor Summit 2019
Odense Investor Summit 2019

Also this year Coalescent Mobile Robotics‘ Founder and CEO, Clionadh Martin participated in the Odense Investor Summit, which was held on the 26th of June at the Odense Congress Center.

At this event, the City of Odense hosted 30 pre-selected companies, and Coalescent Mobile Robotics was one of them.

During the Odense Investor Summit, there were over 150 investors. On this occasion, we had the opportunity to pitch, get to know investors, and show tech actors from all over the world our company and our beloved Pumba.


The City of Odense is the place where robot heroes grow. Coalescent Mobile Robotics is part of this. Coalescent Mobile Robotics is where an idea comes to life, and where people and technology evolve together for a better and more efficient work environment.

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