NOMAD ROBOTICS and Coalescent Mobile Robotics Announce Channel Partnership to Bring Innovation to the French Retail Industry

– Dawon Park –


NOMAD ROBOTICS and Coalescent Mobile Robotics have started a partnership to introduce an innovative solution for the retail industry in France.Through the collaboration, they aim to bring about more benefits to the challenging industry of retail such as reducing costs, increasing working standards, and making customers happier.

NOMAD ROBOTICS is an official distributor of state of arts solutions from the European leading robotics and cobotics innovation. They are specialists and leaders in turnkey 3D bin-picking, grippers & tooling, intelligent mobile welding of large works, as well as in autonomous mobile robotic solutions for intralogistics, surveillance,security, maintenance and mass distribution. They are also working in and familiar with the retail industry. Improving the competitiveness and profitability of their customers through robotic innovation is at the heart of the daily concerns at NOMAD ROBOTICS.
Coalescent Mobile Robotics is a Denmark-based, robotics company that designs and builds agile, fast, and smooth collaborative robots (Cobots) in order to assist the retail industry to optimize their Click & Collect,Restocking, and other processes. Truly believing that humans and robots can coexist in the workforce,they offer a unique and innovative robotics solution to automate internal transportation and logistics.
“We are very happy to start sharing this adventure with Coalescent Mobile Robotics to continue in our quest for the automation of French companies, especially in our retail sector. The main goal is to relieve workers of non-value added tasks that tire them in the long run while bringing a better ROI to our customers”, Mathieu Toft, Associate Director of NOMAD ROBOTICS.
“I’m delighted to start this collaboration in a country where supermarket chains are leading the way in adapting to disruptive technology, to continue improving their business process, to create value for both their staff and their customers.. It’s very exciting to be able to grow internationally and know that you are bringing a lot of value and making a difference for people”, Clionadh Martin, Founder & CEO of Coalescent Mobile Robotics.
On average, 40% of staff in retail spend their time walking from one location to another, carrying out strenuous and monotonous tasks such as pulling and pushing heavy trolleys which can cause physical strains. The fleet of Coalescent Mobile Robotics’ mobile robots will assist the floor staff, creating benefits for the store, their employees, and their customers.
The partnership will open new doors for all the values to be brought to the retail industry in France.