A Message from the CTO

- Dawon park, João Monteiro -

Q. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself (where you are from, what you studied, etc.)?

I am from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where I studied Control and Automation Engineering, graduating in 2015, and obtained a D.Sc. Degree in Electrical Engineering, with a focus in robotics, in 2020. From 2014 to 2019, I worked with research-oriented robotics in one of the most prestigious Brazilian research institutes. In that time, I had the opportunity to develop several unique autonomous robots, ranging from underwater, both indoor and outdoor ground robots, all the way to aerial vehicles. In January 2019, I co-founded a robotics company in Brazil to bridge the gap between the academy and the industry, focusing on outdoor service robots. Even though I am still a part of that company, I decided to move to Denmark to pursue different professional opportunities. 


Q. Please tell us about your journey from Brazil all the way to Odense!

My journey from Rio to Odense was quite natural. In Denmark, there is a culture that promotes technology development. Odense, in particular, is a frontrunner in Europe when it comes to robotics, hosting the largest cluster of robotics companies. 

Q. What do you find the most fascinating and interesting about robotics?

Robotics is a field where you face complex problems, must come up with innovative solutions, and see they materialize in front of you. It is not only about software and hardware but combining the digital with the real world. By following a conscious and responsible design process, one can create intelligent devices (call them robots) that improve people’s lives. 

Q. What excites you about joining our team? How do you feel as our new CTO?

The people, the technology, and the growth prospect. Coalescent’s team is a diverse one composed of young and experienced people. I look forward to having the opportunity to guide them in their early professional careers with the assistance of experienced colleagues and together learn from everybody’s journeys. As a CTO, I feel excited about implementing a structured approach to manage our technology development and support the company in its path to scale up. 

Q. How do you think you can contribute to the company? What would be your main roles at work?

I have a strong background in bringing new robots to the market and establishing competitive technical product roadmaps. I will focus on nailing these two aspects of technological development. Consequently, my goal is to ensure that Coalescent will be a first mover and a leader in the promising market of retail robotics. From a non-technological side, I put people first when it comes to work – something that I always consider when sharing responsibilities and establishing new processes. 

Q. What is your opinion on our technology and on what we are trying to accomplish?

Coalescent is different from most robotics companies in two critical points. First, the company follows a user-centered approach to product design. Second, all solutions are based on modern technologies to ensure long-lasting competitiveness in a continuously evolving market. Put together these two points, and I firmly believe that Coalescent will succeed in improving the work conditions of people working with restocking while reducing costs for retailers. 

Q. What possibilities do you see in the growth of the company and how does the future look for you?

The company is on the right path in becoming a reference for retail robotics. This market has many technological challenges, and the company can also grow to deliver solutions to those challenges. Looking inside the company rather than outside, our CEO, Clionadh Martin, promotes a culture of respect in many ways. As the company grows, this is the culture that we will need to keep people in the company and provide new opportunities for them. My future then looks as bright and promising as that of the team. 

Q. A word to your new team!

As I said before, I put people first when it comes to work. Communication is the key to collaboration, so never hesitate to voice your concerns. From my side, expect to know what is needed and why that is so. Together we will always be able to figure out how to deliver.